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Needed tools
A MPEG2 Transport- to Program-Stream Converter (ProjectX, HDTVtoMPEG2, PVAStrumento, VideoReDo Plus, ...)
A MPEG2 Demuxing Utility (ProjectX, TMPGEnc, PVAStrumento, ...)



Record the TV-Stream, that you want to use on your DVD-Player


Convert the Transport-Stream to a Program-Stream using one of the tools mentioned above 

For ProjectX:
Select "File - Add" and choose the Transport-Stream recorded with TSReader.
After you're happy with all the cuts, select "prepare >>" on the left side of the main-window
Now select "to M2P" and click the "Play/Pause"-Button to create the MPEG2 Program-Stream

Afterwards you may need to patch the File to make it DVD-compatible (there's a tool named "DVDPatcher" that can do this)

Seperate the Audio- and Video-Streams

For ProjectX:
Import your Program Stream (*.m2p) by selecting "File - Add" and click on "prepare >>" again.
Now select "demux" and click the "Play/Pause"-Button again.

You should now have files for each video- and audio-stream
  • *.ac3 for Dolby-Digital-Audio (optional)
  • *.m2v for MPEG2 Video
  • *.mp2 for MPEG2 Audio

Start IfoEdit and choose "DVD Author - Author new DVD"

Select you video- and audio-streams as in the screenshot to the right.

Don't forget to specify the Output Destination for the DVD-Files.

Click on "OK"

Burn the files to DVD

For Nero Express:
Select DVD-Video Files from the main-menu and add the files that IfoEdit created (files should be named similar to these on the screenshot)