January 21st 2009
Download links for the TSReader Channel-Manager and Mobile media streams updated.

This means those links will now automatically point to the latest version at Codeplex, like TSReader Channel-Manager v0.4.1

March 2nd 2008
The page has now moved to a new location, the updated URL is http://www.tlippy.com
The old page (http://www.denton.privat.t-online.de) will automatically redirect you to this new URL

January 26th 2008
Updated the TSReader Channel-Manager to v0.4

  • Server & client mode
  • Start a frequency by pressing the Return-key
  • Automatically detect TSReader an VLC *.exe files
  • First start assistant
  • New channel-file format (automatic file conversion from old to new format)
  • Better performance
  • Much better error-handling :)
  • When adding or editing a Channel you only get the options for the currently selected TV-Hardware
  • User interface optimized (settings- & channel window)
  • New TSReader option 'Launch TSReader minimized to the tray notification area'
  • Scheduled recordings at a specific time
  • New recording options 'Include subtitle descriptor streams' & 'Record the entire transport stream'
  • Multiple channels with the same name
  • Support for installing in %Program Files% under Vista

September 2nd 2007
Added the Mobile media streams application for Windows Mobile, my Nike+ profile and a new link

April 25th 2007
Added link to "Dalorion" - Some pretty cool Online-Game :)

March 18th 2007
Added link to "My Space"

December 30th 2006
Updated the TSReader Channel-Manager to v0.3

  • Support for DVB-S Full Mode
  • Satellite-Transponder Manager included
  • Favorite-Group can now be selected when creating a new channel
  • Bug-Fixes

December 10th 2006
A Crossword-puzzle has been added to the "more Projects" Section

November 26th 2006
New Project "Nike+ Offline Workouts" added

A new version of the TSReader Channel-Manager (v0.3 with Satellite Manager and support for Advanced DVB-S settings) and a crossword-puzzle-application will be added soon.

June 13th 2006
Added new section "more Projects" with 3 applications

April 13th 2006
Tutorial-section updated with a tutorial showing how to create a DVD using content recorded with TSReader

February 22th 2006
Updated the TSReader Channel-Manager to v0.2

  • 5 favorite-groups
  • Possibilty to set LNB Low- and Highband Frequencies automatically (DVB-s)
  • Users with DVB-C, DVB-T, ATSC & SCTE should now be able to edit channel-data

The channel-files for 19,2°E have also been updated

Old channel-files won't work with the new version anymore

January 15th 2006
Resolved issue with TSReader Channel-Manager that didn't allow you to add a DVB-s channel with certain Diseq-settings

Webpage does now dynamicly adjust the tables to your resolution

November 19th 2005
Webpage went online