With the Mobile media streams application on your Windows Mobile Smartphone (or PocketPC) you can watch over 60 included TV- or Radio-streams and you can add/manage customs streams, based on the Windows Media file format.
The application will automatically adjust the display language to german on german devices.

Thanks to Cor from for letting me use the streams on his website.

The channel list Channel details Custom channel editing Stream player

  • A Windows Mobile device (preferably smartphone - will work on the PocketPC platform, but may doesn't look as expected)
  • Windows Media Player 10 Mobile (should be included in Windows Mobile 2003 SE and later)
  • Additionaly, the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework V2 is needed in order to use the Mobile media streams application (included in Windows Mobile 6)

Current version available @ Codeplex
Download (Binaries & Source code)